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A Nice Walk

Wiping the sweat from my brow; nice walk! Which began with me hitting the floor; push-up, ab-roller, weights, and then singing to the Universe, getting myself in tune. Finding just the right vibrational level and then hitting the streets. I keep my singing up, moving the cars over to their side of the road with my chi.

I feel a sharp pain in my knee, bone to bone kind of pain, I look up to see a small grove of Aspen, straight and tall, leaves in full fall bloom. And I borrow some energy, enough to ease the pain in my knee. I continue on my way, never having broken stride. I breathe in the cool mountain air and give thanks for the beauty and bountiful health to be found in nature. I see an unfortunate weaving, almost taking up the entire sidewalk with her Danse Macabre.

I see a gap and I speed up to pass, "Shhh, Shh." The unfortunate shooses me on by, I smile and say a small prayer for her as she stumbles over to the artisan plying his wares and bums a cigarette, which the artisan lights for her. I glance up and see the tops of the aspen as they strain to reach the heavens, branches swaying in the soft breeze. The cirrus-stratus clouds and their wispy tails dragging behind them, white against the powder-blue sky. Yes, I am working up a sweat!

I finish on a half-mile stretch of uphill, having to give away my position on the sidewalk to the Buck as he squares off at me, snorting and brandishing his fine rack. Just a little too close, Smitty. I walk halfway out into the street giving him all the room he needs. I have to smile at the thought of my skewered body run down the street by the muscular buck. Another snort brings me out of my reverie and back to the task at hand. Get up the rest of the hill, breathing from my diaphragm as I was taught all those years ago by big Jim Walker and my father. My eyes set on the finish line up at the top of our steeply inclined driveway. I give thanks to the Aspen for their energy and the Universe for all of her beauty and wisdom. And I am free.

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