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The first book of the Tripping The Light Fantastic Trilogy


A tortured journey through the life of a man named Michael and his unrequited desire for the love of a woman half his age. The narrative of Michael's downward trek begins with the violent suicide of his son, Stephen. Upon the news of Stephen's death, Michael seeks comfort in the friendship of a young single mother, E=. While longing for the family stability that a life with her and her young son would provide, Michael is thrown into a schizophrenic breakdown upon the realization that his life will always be absent of his firstborn son and vacant of E='s love. The heartache of Michael's story is presented with same complexities of a multi-personality, multi-layered schizophrenic imagination, intertwining the realities of both character and author in a story that is just as sad and puzzling as the illness itself.

Tripping The Light Fantastic

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